Ardbeg 1977 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #4]

Ardbeg 1977 2

So I know what you’re saying. “But TOModera, for your requests, you said you were ordering other Islays, and not this one at all! Especially since this is the time of the year when you go out to Feather’s Pub[1] and order some interesting drams with friends, having a great time, drinking water between each one and having bread and generally trying your best to both review and be a sociable guy (which really, you suck at, but you try)”

And I’d say that’s a mouthful. And yes, I do owe an apology to all the amazing people who commented on my post and put forth good suggestions. I’m sorry.

However I didn’t get to pick this one. It was picked by my buddy. I thought “Well, uh, yes I’ll drink that one” and it was ordered. So the Lord of Isles will have to wait, and the Bruichladdich…

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