Isle of Jura 1966 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #4]

Jura 1966 2

You know, I used to like TOModera’s Feather’s Pub before they were cool. Like, back in the day when he didn’t have the tartan, and he wasn’t such a snob. He’s changed man. I hear he didn’t even review a Cambelton this last time. What a sellout.

Okay, so I do deserve that. It is the fifth and final dram for this time’s instalment of TOModera drinking things he’s probably not experienced enough to figure out, and I didn’t finish all of Scotland.

But let me tell you, when two attractive female friends tell you to spend more, and no Cambelton hits that price level, you have to think fast. And since alcohol affects both of your brains, you go for the nuttiest thing you can.

A Jura. Well, not just ANY Jura, this is Isle of Jura 1966 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask, the oldest friggin dram…

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