Awe-Inspiring BenRiach Sextet Review [10 Curiositas, 12, 15 Dark Rum Finish, 16, 20, Authenticus Peated 21]

Before I get started, let’s just get this out of the way[1]

There, now that that’s out of our systems, we read the TIPS I wrote about the spirits I SNIFFED and put in my mouth.


Anyway, BenRiach is the big ONE today (Wink), and each of the reviews were done on a separate SESSION (Wink). I’ve read some interesting things about BenRiach, and given that Bruichladdich is bought up, we may have to start going to BenRiach for a ton of different flavours. BenRiach is independently owned, and recently expanded by buying Glenglassaugh and Glendronach.

Just saying, the bottles may not look like women’s perfume bottles, but the whisky is pretty nice. Something to consider.

Anyway, let’s see what my smattering of BenRiach’s are all about.

Region: Speyside

02 - BenRiach 10 year Old Curiositas

So to start off this bonanza bevy of BenRiachs, let’s go to the BenRiach 10 year Curiositas

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