Rogue Oregon Single Malt

Rogue 1

Was out doing the little insane Boxing Week shopping I had to the other day, and enjoying time with my wife. Never stop dating your wife fellas. Otherwise her age will get away from you and you’ll have to get out a calculator.

Anyway, we stopped into the Museum Tavern, as they had one of the Top 20 sandwiches in the city. Or least they normally do, the recent power outages due to the Ice Storm in Toronto made it so they were not able to make the Tuna Sandwich. As that’s why we had gone, I had to think quite and get us some booze.

A little bubbly for the wife and then I had to choose amongst their pretty well kept (though downtown priced) whisky list. And what did I see but Rogue Oregon Single Malt. I had seen it in the LCBO a year earlier, and…

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