Do the Dew! Tullamore Dew Original

Tullamore Dew 2

We’ve all been there. You walk into a small town bar, with old friends, and you look at the alcohol selection and grimace. It’s a beer town, and maybe you don’t drink beer. Or it’s a wine town and you don’t drink wine. Or it’s a cocktail bar and they have so many coloured bottles your head spins just thinking about having their signature cocktail.

However the waitress is nice, the company is great, and the food is well made. They have the game on the wall, telling you that Canada isn’t going to be signing as many people as Finland is, and you’re having a great time.

So you do the Dew. Tullamore Dew Original, that is, because it’s that or Johnnie Walker Red or something else that’s been around. It was an Irish pub, I felt like Irish.

Tullamore Dew is a Blended Irish whisky. The owners…

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