Pig’s Nose

Pig's Nose 2

It’s time to start finishing up the Beginner’s list, and other than not being able to obtain a dram of Glenfarclas 12 to save my life (It’s my sad white whale… like a White Mackeral), it’s time to do the ones I can find, and that means more blends.

Because we have to do Blends. They account for over 90% of the whisky sold in the world. Some blends are rather tasty. Johnnie Walker and such (some of them, at least). We’re not doing Johnnie today though. We’re doing Pig’s Nose.

Named because it’s smooth, and hard to find in Ontario (shows up once a year), I was able to order a dram through MoM, which was legally brought in by a good friend.

The blend is a mixture of oak-aged Speysides, Islay, and Lowland malts as well as Invergordon grain whiskies. Can’t tell if it’s then aged in…

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