North British 18 1979 Signatory Vintage [Feather’s Flight Review Set #5]

North British 18 year Signatory Vintage 1979 1

Hi all, it’s that time again…. where I go the Feather’s Pub[1] in Toronto, have a great time, review whisky that is purchased for me (or by me) and I do a set of more reviews than I should for my health. Food is always great, local, well priced, great service, and fun times. Jim McEwan is showing up Tuesday, go out and have a great time.

This Dram series is brought to you by my parents, who also brought you me, various other great achievements, including building a 3 car garage, raising me not to be a sociopath, helping me through University, being Scout and Community leaders, knowing piano, finishing university, planting trees, singing in various choirs, and much, much more.

SegwaySeque: When I first tried a Single Grain whisky, I had no idea that was a thing. At all. So I posted a review, went through…

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