Arran Lepanto PX Brandy Cask Finish [Feather’s Flight Review Set #5]

Arran Lepanto PX Brandy Cask Finish 1

Part two of the Feather’s Drams #5 series, where I go to Feather’s[1] , have some interesting drams, some great food, and people buy me drinks.

Last review was brought to us by my parents and my wife, and this one differs in that it was the Pub itself that found out we were celebrating my birthday, and gave me a dram on the house. I don’t know for certain if they follow these reviews, but that made my day. And before anyone suspects me of some sort of advertising gimmick, just know that I’ve been blabbering on about them for years before this happened, and would say nice things regardless.

They also gave me a bottle of Uisage Source for Islay, which I unfortunately (drunkenly) forgot at the bar. So as a change of pace, I’ll be saying what was added when adding a few drops of water…

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