Bruichladdich 35 1966 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #5]

Bruichladdich 35 OMC 1Bruichladdich 35 OMC 2

Went to Feather’s Pub[1] again, had a great time, my parents were involved, we had fun.

This one is brought to us by my mother, who noted the colour was quite nice, and as such, I had to try it.

In 1966, Bruichladdich Distillery stopped malting their own barely, and started buying it from Port Ellen. It makes sense to have this one after the Port Ellen 24 year, as it’s the same malted barely, albeit with a 13 year difference. And a different person in charge of it. With different conditions.

We’ll have to see how it’s been aged differently.

But where are my manners? I didn’t tell you the name, all bolded like a ponce yet? Today we’re reviewing Bruichladdich 35 year Old Malt Cask. No colouring, no chill filtering, bottled at cask strength and comes out swinging. Before Bruichladdich was known for Octomore or Waves or…

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