Macallan Fine Oak 17

Macallan 17 Fine Oak 2

You learn new things be revisiting older drams of younger ones you didn’t particularly care for.

When I tried Macallan 10 year Fine Oak, I wasn’t that kind. I assumed (wrongly) that it was just the Macallan Juice, placed in an ex-bourbon cask, and spat out to sit on shelves and show off it’s massive M.

I was wrong. The Fine Oak series is in fact aged in European Oak with Sherry, American Oak with Bourbon, and American Oak with Sherry.

I would have written it all off, blissfully unaware of this fact, if not for my awesome SwapSanta, /u/Porkpants81[1] . The man of several smoked swine slacks was generous enough to send me Macallan 17 Fine Oak, a rare treat here in Ontario, as we can only get the 15 or the 21 here. And boy, did the bacon boxer baron ever want me to try this…

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