Do the Dew! Tullamore Dew Original

We’ve all been there. You walk into a small town bar, with old friends, and you look at the alcohol selection and grimace. It’s a beer town, and maybe you don’t drink beer. Or it’s a wine town and you don’t drink wine. Or it’s a cocktail bar and they have so many coloured bottles your head spins just thinking about having their signature cocktail.… Continue reading Do the Dew! Tullamore Dew Original

Crown Royal Maple [Mystery Review]

Being part of two Secret Santa Swaps this year was a great treat. I’m utter crap when it comes to two things: Identifying Mystery Drams and Shopping for Gifts. So when /u/Porkpants81[1] (not to be confused with the other 80 people with non-Kosher or Halal pants) sent me a perfect bevy of drams, I was elated. I didn’t think anyone would be that amazing to… Continue reading Crown Royal Maple [Mystery Review]