Willett Family Rye 4 [Mystery Review]

Willet Family Rye 4

Anyways, recently I’ve decided to get into some more bourbons and see what I like/dislike. Also have to work on finishing up that Chinese flag I have beside my name.

So when swapping with /u/tvraisedme[3] , who is amazing. I mean, I swapped with him and he even let me decide what kind of whisk(e)y. I said Rye, he sent me Rye. I could have said broken keyboard, and got a broken keyboard, but then what am I going to do while Thrift shopping.

And what a rye. Wow this was good. Going to have a hard time guessing.

Region: Kentucky? Maybe? Just guessing.

Abv: 55%

Colour: Burnt orange

Nose: Burnt oranges (not trying to make a joke, that was seriously the first thing I tried), malt, spices (mostly cardamon), grain, oats, burn

Oh wow, this is really like a really, really tasty spicy oatmeal. Like high end oatmeal…

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