Mackinlay’s Shackleton: The Journey

Mackinlay's Shackleton The Journey

Had a first world problem the other day, thought I’d share. See, I’m suppose to limit the amount of alcohol I have for health reasons. You know, living in a country where I can go to a doctor and have my health assessed and have any concerns fixed without going bankrupt. Pretty rough, eh?

And then I have to cut back on that luxury drink I love so that I’ll live a happier life. How fucked up is that?

Finally, here I am, coming closer and closer to review number 150, a major milestone of something I find fun, and I have too many excellent, interesting whiskies to choose from. Oh, and great friends came in this weekend, we had an amazing time, however I had to do my reviews two days later.

Also my gold shoes don’t quite fit and there’s too many 100 dollar bills in my wallet…

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