Balvenie 15 Single Barrel

Balvenie 15 1

Just came off one of those weeks where I was too busy for my own good. Between work, hanging out with friends, keeping up with my Tomatin mega review, D&D, a few late nights, and traveling across the worst city for traffic in North America far too many times during some of the worst accident seasons we’ve ever had, I was pooped.

I was able to finish one review on Friday and then fell asleep watching Q.I. before I could get to the others.

The time change hasn’t helped that.

What I’m saying is, blah blah dick joke, blah blah some joke about my sexuality, blah blah I’m not a real reviewer until I’ve finished some recommended lists blah blah I’m review Balvenie 15 Single Barrel.

Aged in single ex-bourbon casks, this limited edition, higher than normal Alc. content beast is a main stay of most tasters. Only 350…

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