Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

Port Charlotte An Turas Mor 2

Okay, I’ve been reviewing a good mixture of Higher End malts and lower end ones. Gotta steady myself, start into some good priced malts that aren’t rare as heck…

Before I dive into the rare as heck ones. Nut on the road, Prick on the Pavement, Taint on the Tarmac, let’s do this!

First up, thanks so much to /u/mentel42[1] for the swap of this one. It’s (like a whole bunch of whiskies) not available in Ontario at the moment, and if it were, I’d probably have to trade my first born for a bottle.

Not that I know where or who that first born is, but it would be rough doing the trade, none the less.

Port Charlotte An Turas Mor is yet another malt from the Bruichladdich distillery, this one being the first NAS under their Port Charlotte Brand. Don’t blink, they may come out with 2…

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