Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 2013

Van Winkle Rye1

Finishing up on my Easter reviews, I brought out a nice sample sent to me by /u/EMoneySC2 , which we swapped a few months ago and I’ve been saving for a special occasion.

My uncle isn’t that huge into Bourbon, however he hears enough to get by, knowing what can be tasty, what’s wanted, etc. And last time we had a family get-together, he mention Pappy.

Because he had heard the hype on Pappy. We all have. And in Canada it hits mythic status because only 12 bottles hit one province, to be picked up in the night by those in the know.

There’s even a section of the LCBO website for it. Yeah. We get the 10 and the 12 year. Only $80 and $100, respectively. And they sell out 1 hour before the store opens.

So to say the least, I’ve avoided the Pappy madness. Not really…

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