Kavalan Concertmaster – Port Cask Finish

Kavalan Concertmaster - Port Cask Finish 1

Hi, I’m /u/TOModera , and today, I’m going to try and teach you what tiny things I can look up and type concerning a place I’ve never learned about.

For instance: Fun Fact: The Kavalan were a group of indigenous people who originally inhabited the Northeastern corner of Taiwan.

Now what the flaming hell does that have to do with whisky? Guess you’ll have to read on.

King Car Whisky Distillery is the creators of the Kavalan Concertmaster – Port Cask Finish, a young (Est. 2005) distillery located in Taiwan. Made with spring water from the Snow Mountain, this whisky is aged quickly due to the sub-tropical location of Taiwan.

Fun Fact: Taiwan was once named Formosa, which explains that word showing up randomly in JRPGs.

Frustratingly, this product has been priced so high in Ontario, that every single time I’ve considered buying it, the price has stopped…

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