Balcones Texas Single Malt & Baby Blue

Going to start out by thanking /u/mentel42[1] for the two swaps so I can finally try this Texas Malt that people have been going on about.

Let me just start out by saying, there are aspects of Texas that make me think it would be awesome. First off, no winter, and trust me, that’d be nice. However I’m bad in the heat… though it’s a dry heat, so I should love it. And second off, Texas seems to have figured out that meat should be served plentifully after being roasted over a pit. Not to mention, Texas is now home to Balcones Distillery, which makes me want to go there more than the above two points.

However… well, I’m quite liberal, and I like my whole healthcare thing in Canada, so it looked unlikely that I’d be moving, or heading down for any drams (my wife has only a…

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