George T. Stagg 2013

George T Stagg 2013 1

Before I start my ramblulating, I’d like to thank /u/dros_guy[1] for sending through this sample. My father is a huge fan of this one, and splitting it with him really made his day.

A while back, someone put up a question to everyone concerning Willet, and why people enjoy it so much when you don’t know what you’re cracking open.

And I really thought about that. I mean, really, why do we get excited for things we know aren’t always going to stay consistent? For Instance, I love going to the Toronto Zoo. Seriously, amazing, large place, and they have all these cool, exotic animals, and they have breeding programs to help endangered species… Just great. .

It’s so great in fact, that I proposed to my wife there outside the Siberian Tiger enclosures, and thus became more special whenever we visited that spot again.

And then they covered…

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