Spey River 12

Spey River 12 1

Quick thank you out there to /u/Porkpants81 for the sweet Secret Santa Swap on this one.

Also, man, I gotta catch up on my reviews.

So… let’s address the elephant in the room. Or at least the perceived elephant. I thought, while reviewing this, that Spey River 12 was a blend, and, well, I don’t really give them the greatest scores.

And it isn’t because I hate blends. Yamasaki 18 is amazing. So is Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve. It’s just… well, if I’m going to have a dram, which is less often for health reasons than it used to be, and I’m going to pay the cash out… well… It better be a dram that is just as tasty. To me. Which is the point of reviews, to give a personal account.

And sometimes Blends don’t get as high of scores, because I’m a douche bag. Anyway, onto this…

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