Glenfarclas 12

Glenfarclas 12 1

Special shout out to /u/Allumina for this (now not as much) elusive to me beginner’s dram.

And a special shout out that I’ve nearly completed reviews of all the beginners’ drams! Yay me!

Soon I’ll be trying to finish up the advanced drams (of which all but one are staring at me, waiting to be drank).

But enough anthropomorphism, what am I drinking today? Why, it’s the Sherried dram with the Cherry Jam, Glenfarclas 12. Yay!

Had a hard time finding this one, as for some reason it wasn’t in any pub I go to, AND the LCBO had sold out of it. Luckily I swapped for some.

Glenfarclas means valley of the green grass…. ooooohhh. They sum up that their signature flavour comes from the size of their stills (largest in the Highlands) and their ingredients. Also sounds like a rave chicks bush, if I’m honest.


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