Arran Aszu Tokaji Wine Cask [The Dam Pub Flight Review Set #1]

Arran Aszu Tokaji Wine Cask

All amazing things must, eventually, come to an end. And for end, that ended with a Scotch at The Dam Pub. I did a 5 point flight of 3 Canadians, 1 Japanese, and 1 Scotch, and you can find them over at /r/worldwhisky.

Well, it’s not really the end, I mean… seriously, I’m going back. It’s only 2 hours from my house, and it’s in the town where my Grandma and Grandpa lived, grew up, and are now buried (don’t worry, they died first, we didn’t bury them alive…. you psycho).

I’m a sucker for odd finishes. Right now, I’m aging my own Rye and Bourbon in French Oak to eventually finish it in Chardonnay (for the Bourbon) and Pinot Grigio (for the Rye), and I’m still finishing my Canuck grain whisky in Shiraz.

Yeah, it may taste bad, but oh well, I love my finishes.

So when…

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