Glenfarclas 25

Glenfarclas 25 1

Big thanks to /u/Allumina for swapping me this dram and some other Glenfarclas to help round out the distillery.

Glenfarclas 25 is the next extension I’ve done in the Glenfarclas line. Don’t worry, I’ll be jumping back down the line to try the 21 year, and I’m still searching out the 18 year just to be a completionist. Not to mention finally doing the 105 at some point.

You’ve heard it all before. This is the line up that always uses Sherry casks, it’s an affordable malt, and really under appreciated. Well, used to be. The rising costs for it tell me people have clued in. Granted that could also be from a perceived barrel shortage.

I’m being a little bit more serious today as I have suspicions that this particular dram was oxidized on me, or was from a rough batch. I’ll have to let /u/Allumina comment…

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