Whistle Pig Boss Hog 2013

Whistle Pig Boss Hog 2013 1

Thanks to /u/EMoneySC2[1] for the dram!

I’m sometimes asked why I want some of the Ryes aged in the US that source their juice from Canada.

I mean, I could just buy the Canadian whisky, right? Well… there are some differences.

First off, yes, the rye and the water comes from Alberta. And I don’t blame them. Have you been to Alberta? Just being in the mountains makes you feel healthier and more natural. The food is well made, good quality. And the beef? Holy shit, best beef I’ve ever had. And I could have the same juice. But we don’t have the weather.

Alberta’s weather is mental. And cold. Which means that you have to leave the whisky in the cask longer.

There’s Canadian Oak too. Yes, it’s the same species as American Oak (Quercus alba). Yet people think it changes the flavour. Some of these people are…

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