Tobermory 15

Tobermory 15 1

So… like I need more downvotes with the reviews I’ve been putting up on /r/Wine, however, I think I owe this distillery, and /u/reddbdb to keep reviewing them. Thanks to /u/PACitizen for the sample.

For those of you wondering, I’m not a fan of Tobermory 10. You can find each of the reviews of it I have done, and each one, though different, sucked for very different reasons. It drew some cheers and jeers. I did it again, because I’m a masochist… wait, no, I did it as a clean review.

Suffice to say, I’ve had enough Tobermory 10. So given the chance, I should have avoided Tobermory 15, right? Than I read that people who usually don’t like 10 like the 15.

I still wasn’t 100%. But that’s when you should do something, because that’s how we learn.

This one, versus the 10, is matured…

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