Glenfarclas 21 [Re-review]

Glenfarclas 21 0

Re-reviews are fun. Let me just start with that. And it was /u/Allumina[1] who sent me this initially as a blind review back for secret swap, and I decided that I needed to re-review it, as I wanted a cleaner palate, no time limit, and generally to be in a better mood to give it a fair shake.

Also it would be interesting to see how much I deviate between tasting notes.

So, here’s Glenfarclas 21. 21 years in sherry casks. Comes from a long, long, long line of other Glenfarclas, of which I hope to someday have tried most of them.

I say most because they have a line of Family Casks that are a wee bit out of my price range. On a good day. After winning at the Casino. Twice.

Also the 40 year must be hard to find.

None the less, I’ll do my…

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