Talisker 57° North

Talisker 57 North 1

I don’t think I’ll ever be more confused about a distillery than Talisker.

To start off, the negative, because I eat my veggies first, meat second.

They are owned by Diageo (boo, boo, booo-urns!) And that makes people annoyed, as they could be making interesting, crazy things, but are hampered by a large corporation that makes money.

Well, not THAT hampered. I mean, somewhat, true, that we usually only get the DE, the 18, the 10, the 25, and the one we’re reviewing today, Talisker 57° North. But we don’t see truly crazy ones too often.

Wait, maybe this is the free-ist of the free of the Diageo family, now that I think about it.

Still, boo. On to the good news.

This is a NAS bottling, named for the fact that the Isle of Skye. Okay, not good yet, we don’t really know too much about it, as…

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