Ardbeg Auriverdes, Galileo, Alligator, & Ardbog

Ardbeg. Now, when that name is put up anywhere, just by itself, we gush over it here at /r/Scotch like a specialty porn star. And it’s not really a surprise. They make amazing stuff. It’s peaty, it’s finished well, and they even have NAS product that we enjoy. So when I decided to go forth with this limited edition review bonanza, I didn’t know how it… Continue reading Ardbeg Auriverdes, Galileo, Alligator, & Ardbog

High West Distillery [Campfire, Son of Bourye, American Prairie Reserve]

Thanks to /u/EMoneySC2 for the awesome, big ole swap, that included these three drams. I finally was able to try whisky from Utah. So let’s stop right there. I tell you, hey, want to try High West Whiskey? And you’ll be like, “Sure… where’s it made?” And then I’ll say “Oh, Utah.” And then a damn Pace commercial happens all over again, and no one wants… Continue reading High West Distillery [Campfire, Son of Bourye, American Prairie Reserve]

Eddu Silver & Gold [Review, Not a Rudolph Song]

Special thanks to /u/wrathfulhaggis for answering my request to try these rare malts. But you may be asking yourself… why would I want to try a rare, not really well known whisky from France (Brittany)? I mean, France (Brittany) isn’t known for whisky, right? And why do I keep saying France (Brittany)? Okay, so first off, this whisky comes from Brittany, France. And you should note… Continue reading Eddu Silver & Gold [Review, Not a Rudolph Song]

Bunnahabhain 1997 Signatory Vintage

Still catching up on swaps. Special thanks to /u/jimvarney01 for the swap, and the picture (it’s the Islay, the one you care about…. on the left…. not it’s left, your left). Anyway, today we’ll be going through Signatory Bunnahabhain 1997. I don’t really have the greatest relationship when it comes to Bunnahabhain. First off, showing my North American side, I can’t really pronounce it. At all.… Continue reading Bunnahabhain 1997 Signatory Vintage

Sullivan’s Cove Bourbon Maturation Cask Strength Single Cask Malt Whisky

Been having a little bit extra this week, as I’m attempting to empty quite a few bottles for both a swap I setup and the upcoming, very exciting Mystery Dram mega swap. Very excited. Big Thanks to /u/UncleTobys for the international swap. And also a bitter, jealousy filled “Harumph” for your ability to find these tasty, tasty drams. “Hey TOModera, whatcha bitching about?” Well I’ll tell… Continue reading Sullivan’s Cove Bourbon Maturation Cask Strength Single Cask Malt Whisky

Mosswood Barrel Aged American Whiskey – Espresso Barrel

Shout out to /u/kilrathi for this sample of… interesting whiskey. Why interesting? Is it interesting in that “Ah, it’s worldly” way? Or in that “Well, he’s going to end up owning 16 snakes and call himself Mercutio” way? Or maybe that in between, like “He wears pink a lot and sings baritone and has a donkey named Sally” way? Well, let’s start with Mosswood themselves, shall… Continue reading Mosswood Barrel Aged American Whiskey – Espresso Barrel

Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 1991

Hey, people like Diageo, right? No? Oh. Well, then nothing to see here, let’s move it along…. Anyway, I know I always wonder about the Distiller’s Editions. They are odd ducks in the whisky world. First off, you’d think from looking at them they are NAS. But they kinda aren’t. I mean, yeah, it doesn’t say Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 17, however it does say when it… Continue reading Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 1991

Redbreast 12

Special thanks to /u/muaddib99 for the in person swap for this one (and many more to come)! So I start this review with a question: What should I write about? It’s an Irish whiskey, so why not discuss The Irish People? Let me tell you something about writing ABOUT anything Irish: It gets you in trouble. No matter what. And not from the Irish people, who… Continue reading Redbreast 12

W.L. Weller Special Reserve

First off, thanks to /u/dros_guy for swapping me this one, along with two other wheaters and some Stagg 2013. Really enjoyed exploring drams that I’d never get a chance to try. I’ll have your babies at some point, we’ll be even. Anyway, we’re onto wheater number 3, W.L. Weller Special Reserve. Based on the image that /u/dros_guy originally posted, I take it that the bottle was a… Continue reading W.L. Weller Special Reserve