Bunnahabhain 1997 Signatory Vintage

SB1997 1

Still catching up on swaps. Special thanks to /u/jimvarney01 for the swap, and the picture (it’s the Islay, the one you care about…. on the left…. not it’s left, your left).

Anyway, today we’ll be going through Signatory Bunnahabhain 1997.

I don’t really have the greatest relationship when it comes to Bunnahabhain. First off, showing my North American side, I can’t really pronounce it. At all. I’ve tried. I’ve watch and read how to. Unfortunately I suck at it. A lot.

Up next, I get it mixed up with Bruichladdich, which I also can’t spell or pronounce, but like better.

And to tell you the truth… I haven’t really raved about these either. I may have called the distillery my second not most liked on Islay. Which is kinda rough, seeing the other is Bowmore, and I’m a sheep.

Let’s ignore all of that for now. Every dram…

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