High West Distillery [Campfire, Son of Bourye, American Prairie Reserve]

Thanks to /u/EMoneySC2 for the awesome, big ole swap, that included these three drams. I finally was able to try whisky from Utah.

So let’s stop right there. I tell you, hey, want to try High West Whiskey? And you’ll be like, “Sure… where’s it made?” And then I’ll say “Oh, Utah.” And then a damn Pace commercial happens all over again, and no one wants that.

I mean, Utah? Seriously, Utah? Known for Mormons who…. don’t drink. Only… 4.6% Scottish… hmmm…. And low teenage pregnancy. Man, it’s not sounding good for whisky drinking so far.

However… it is one of the youngest states in the Union, and there’s a strong mining industry… maybe Utah will work out.

Built in the back of a Saloon, High West was Utah’s first distillery back in 1870s (That’s a big deal to our European readers. Pretend I said 1200 B.C. for…

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