Bowmore Laimrig 15

Bowmore Laimrig 15

Went out to a fun, tasty, great dinner party last night. And as I was the DD, yet I was able to have one, given the amount of time between driving and drinking, I could have one.

The host’s eyes lit up. He had something to show me.

Something he had found, that he doesn’t really remember where it came from.

And it was… Bowmore Laimrig 15 year. And… I didn’t know how to react.

However I’m a little bit better than your average seal. Or penguin. I can’t really keep up.

Yes, I haven’t been the nicest friend to Bowmore. I may have called them poopy at some point. However I’ve also heard (and tried) some special editions that didn’t taste so bad.

And this was an adventure, after all. A free, nice host offering me something he enjoyed and really wanted me to try (and review).


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