Basil Hayden

basil hayden.jpg

So here we are once again. My recent mini-bender (1/day, I’m such a villain on vacation) ended up bringing me to a Bourbon on the last day of Fan Expo.

And boy was I tired. Turns out walking for about 4 hours a day, in a large place filled with adrenaline and body heat, not to mention nerd boners, really takes it out of you.

Thus I bought a bourbon that I’ve been eying for awhile, Basil Hayden. Made by Bean Suntory as part of their small batch bourbon collection, this is the lighter, weaker sibling of the bunch. The others all get to be at higher Abv. and all special and shit. Though don’t count it out. It has a high Rye mashbill and is aged for about 8 years.

Well we’ll show them, Runt. You can be whatever you can be, if you put your mind to…

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