Chivas Regal 12

ep 15 2014


Chivas Regal 12

So here I am, getting ready to do something special for the upcoming 200th Scotch review… and you know what happens?

First off, I forget two of the Ardbeg reviews I did, and thus am 2 off.

So I add them in. All good right?

Nope! Second, whatever part of my brain once won a math award takes a vacation, steps out for a bit, and I’m off by 1 after doing 5 of the 6 for my 200th ex-trav-a-ganz-a.

Well I’m brilliant.

Anyway, that’s what leads me to this one.

“But /u/TOModera[1] “, you say, “why review a cheap blend after all this time?”

Well, I’m quite proud to announce that after reviewing Chivas Regal 12, I have now reviewed each of the beginner drams from the list that /u/texacer[2] did oh so long ago (back in the Mesozoic era).

This world-famous scotch is well know…

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