Old Weller Antique 107

Old Weller Antique 1

So it’s a milestone kinda week as such for me. I’ve reviewed all the “Beginner Drams” over at /r/Scotch, I’ve hit 200 scotch reviews, I’m about to hit 60 reviews at /r/worldwhisky, and, most pertinent to this review, I’m about to upgrade my flag so that it’s more ‘merican.

What’s more special than a strong as wheater? Well, some would say the birth of children, traveling the world, meeting the love of your life… however if I reviewed some of those milestones, I’d be on fucking Facebook, and that place is depressing, so I’m hear, drinking and being happy.

Odd how that works out, eh? Anyway, today I’m reviewing Old Weller Antique. And why?

Well, to stop the messages I get saying “Hey, you reviewed 107? How’s this compare?” Because as much as I thought Buffalo Trace was a mile stick to compare, I’ve been asked about…

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