Redbreast 12 Cask Strength (Community Review)

RB Cask Strength 1

Hey, it’s /u/worldwhisky community reviewing time, and I’m ready! Thanks to /u/uncletobys for sending me a sample of this dram in our recent trans-Pacific swap (that’s where the Pacific goes about a life altering change that we all respect… I think).

Anyway, let’s talk about the dram of the day, Redbreast 12 Cask Strength. Not Red Breast, as I keep typing it. These are not reviews about 12 year old, cask strength sunburnt boobs. Do not send out the swat team to my house.

Also, what the hell are Cask Strength breasts?

Glad we cleared up that spelling mistake that I keep doing.

Anyway, this whiskey debuted in 2011 (so old) at Whisky Live Paris. Because really, it’s an Irish whiskey, why not debut it in Paris? Oddly enough, the website doesn’t have any of the awards they’ve walked away for this one. They should at least point…

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