Four Roses 2013 Limited Edition – Small Batch 125 Anniversary Edition

FR 125

Geez, thank goodness I’ve got all that pomp and self-congratulations out of the way with the milestones. Time to get back and just enjoy some Bourbon now. With Zeus.

Yeah, now is the time to take your mushrooms. I’ll wait.

Good? Okay, let’s go.

So last year the Four Roses Distillery were nice enough to come down from Mount Olympus, or up from Salt River, depending on your connection with reality, and released the jewel of last years hunt. The Four Roses deities (distillers) took together 3 of the 10 elements (there’s more elements than that… also it’s recipes) and using lightening (years of experience) caught it all in a bottle.

And because they forgot to put down a proper alcohol percentage, it languished in a warehouse and was unceremoniously launched at the LCBO awhile later, and hunted down like a hare covered in BBQ sauce and gold.

So here…

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