Hazelburn 8 & 12

So it’s the days leading up to Thanksgiving..

Wait, no it isn’t, I blabbered on about Thanksgiving two reviews ago… oh damn, I got these out of order.

Whatever, not like anyone follows them chronologically. That and I do enjoy a pulp style story.

So it’s the day… wait, no, go back further.

So I’m a spermatozoa… wait, too far.

So I’m looking over my reviews, like a sad king surveys his sad kingdom, and I am always the kind of person who wants to spread out and try whiskies that are new. Specifically regions I’ve underrepresented.

So first up there was Lowland, which I enjoyed a lot. I now have a decent amount of Lowland reviews.

Then there were World Whiskys: I’ve bounced around, and have some bulging to do on my Aussie reviews (in the future). I did a good amount there. Maybe some more Irish and Japanese…

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