Old Fitzgerald 1849

Ftiz 1849 1

Alright, time to get back to Earth on my /r/bourbon reviews, and do something not so… out there or special or some such silliness. Thanks to /u/calzeta for the dram!

And today, for this review, we have a wheater. Much beloved by Dave Broom and Jim Murray (in the past), Old Fitzgerald 1849 is bottled by Heaven Hills distillers, aged for 8 years. It was Pappy Van Winkle himself who bought the brand, and replaced the rye in the original mashbill with wheat.

And thus, a legend was born.

Well, not really, but it sounds pretty cool when I say that. It’s not really THAT special, there are other Wheaters. However this also is different as it is charcoal filtered with maple charcoal.

That’s at least something different. Granted I don’t really know what it does, yet I’m guessing they do it for a reason. I mean, burning…

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