Springbank 15

Springbank 15 1

I like Campbeltown. Especially when I spell it correctly, which is rare. And I said I’d do some more once I had them, so why not do them today? Sounds like a good idea before going on my Birthday Benders.

Or after. Man my head hurts.

So the Springbank 15, picked up in Edinburgh on my second visit to that amazing city, right from Cadenheads (which is owned by Springbank… or is it the other way around? Can’t remember, kinda hungover).

More on why later.

Anyway, this is the second in the line-up, and is matured an extra 5 years in sherry casks. Well, an extra amount in sherry casks, I’m just guessing at 5, because… hangover.

Turns out, I’m not as young as I used to be. Which is sad, because I thought I had this whole aging thing licked. Back to the drawing board. Maybe more vegetables…

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