Springbank 18

Springbank 18 1

So after having the Springbank 15 year, yet before going out for the first of my trips, and while replaying Borderlands with my wife and cleaning the house, I decided it was time for another Campbeltown to raise my spirits (pun!)

Thanks again to /u/HawkI84[1] for the swap of this one. I think it’s the Second Edition, however I have been wrong before, given… well the fact that I’m human. Seriously people, stop with the judging!Yup, it was first edition. Of course. Thanks /u/HawkI84[2] !

So here we have Springbank 18. It’s limited to 9000 bottles (“limited”), with an 80/20 sherry/bourbon cask maturation. Like the 15 year, it’s sherried, which worried me. However I do enjoy Glenfiddich 18 more than 15, so I may be following in past footsteps.

A note: Springbank 18 Second Edition has a little bit of a rough review history, and mostly…

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