Glenmorangie 21 1981/2002 Sauternes Finish [Feather’s Flight Review Set #8]

Glenmorangie 21 yo Sauternes Finish 1

Is it bender time again? No it isn’t. Silly person. I’m not going out to the UK for at least a few months.

So it’s not bender time. It’s my Birthday time! And all I ever ask for is to go out to The Feathers Pub and have drams. This year I asked for recommendations, and followed them quite well.

I know, I’m surprised too. I was drinking, and my phone died. It was sad. We’ll always remember you phone.

Well, sad until it bounced back after being charged. But you knew that, it’s a phone.

So, Highland Region. Not exactly my favourite region. In the least. I’d say it’s probably at the bottom of the list. I probably have ranked it close to how I’ve ranked Canadian whisky.

Anyway, I was told to go for Glenmorangie 21 year old 1981/2002 Sauternes Finish, and as I turned away…

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