Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #8]

Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask 1

Excuse me sir, but before this review, have you heard of the amount of flights that /u/TOModera has done at The Feathers Pub? No? Well, let me in so I can make points and we’ll discuss it.

Thank you.

You see, every year, for his birthday (I know, I’m surprised he’s male too), /u/TOModera goes out to this pub, maybe once, maybe twice, maybe three times if he wants to push his luck, and asks his friends and family to buy him drinks. For his birthday.

He also reviews them, and asks for recommendations.

Why, recently, on this third occasion, he’s tried Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing, chosen by his wife among the Speyside region. Why? Cause he’s never done an Imperial.

Oh, sir, no thanks, I’m driving.

But what is the Imperial Distillery you ask? Good question. Nice home too.

But getting back…

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