Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2)

Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2) 1

Special thanks again to everyone’s favourite Uncle for the sample of this one.

So, as I said before, this whisky was, and still is, on my Bucket list. I wanted to try it so much, and now I have, so now I set a new goal, which is to keep trying a bunch of different whiskys before I die. Or after, because maybe I’ll come back as Zombie Whisky Jesus.

Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2) just sounds so Australian. Or rather, stereotypical Aussie. You’ve got the word “Convict” right in the middle. And Redeeming itself, like a former penal colony. I mean, only if it was called “Heartwood Convict Venomous Walkabout That’s-Not-A-Knife-This-Is-A-Knife Irwin Koala Redemption”, then it would encompass all of the stereotypes.

Granted than we’d have to make a whisky called “Maple Sorry Ice Hockey Poutine Healthcare”, and that’d be silly.

Anyway, this is a 12 year Australian Port…

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