Wiser’s Legacy / Canadian Club 100% Rye [Mystery Reviews]

So for my Xmas Secret Santa swap, I was lucky enough to be paired up with /u/muaddib99 . I had specified that I wanted all mystery drams of whisky I haven’t had before.

So after he tried to sneakily see when I would be home, I figured out we were each others Secret Santa Swappers, had a good laugh, and he dropped off 4 mystery drams and a very fun note. 

Anyway, as I’m punctual about mystery drams, and I’m itching to find out, let’s start off with the first clues:

WW1/WW2: no, I don’t mean the wars, these are world whiskies. These two drams are both from your list of what you’re looking for according to your /r/scotchswap inventory page. Hopefully you haven’t had either of them since posting it so you can cross two off your list!

So, these are both on my Whisky…

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