Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask [Mystery / Re-Review]


And so we come to the end of the mystery drams from my Secret Santa, /u/muaddib99. Thanks again.

It’s been a stressful few weeks, mostly due to work, and an excess of drinking due to weddings, bachelor parties, my birthday, and well, work stress. I’m happy to say that going into Xmas I’ll be cutting back some and just enjoying water.

Try to get back to two a week.

Not to mention take a break from swaps until after May. Need to give all those shipping companies a break. Anyway, onto the last clue for Dram #4

4: As I mentioned, you’ve posted a lot of reviews…. and you’ve got quite a few from this Speyside distillery already… however you’ve not yet reviewed this one and I think you’ll enjoy it!

Hmmm… I do enjoy a good Speyside. Doesn’t really narrow it down though, because from the look of it…

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