Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

So at the time of this review, it’s Christmas, and as usual, I’m overeating, having a good time with family, and looking through my Uncle’s booze, searching for something I haven’t reviewed before.

And I find Gentleman Jack. One of two Jack Daniel’s products I have yet to review. And I sigh, and pour myself a snifter of it.

Fun thing, this is basically Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, yet it’s Charcoal Mellowed a second time, thus becoming the only Whisky to go through the Charcoal twice. I know this going in, yet I’m not going to just assume it’s rotten because it’s JD.

Well, I am, but at least I’m assuming it’s the slightly better version.

Doesn’t a second go through charcoal just sound tasty? If you’re saying no, then assume I’m being sarcastic. If you’re saying yes, assume I side with you.

None the less, it was…

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