Littlemill 1977 Signatory Vintage [Feather’s Flight Review Set #7]

So it’s that fun time of year, when the snow starts falling (and if you live in Toronto, immediately melting), the workloads double, the happy fun shopping times happen, and most importantly, my birthday. And you may be wondering: Why in the fuck do I care that it’s /u/TOModera birthday. Well I’ll tell you Scrooge, and I’ll tell you good: I go to the Feathers Pub .… Continue reading Littlemill 1977 Signatory Vintage [Feather’s Flight Review Set #7]

Springbank 18

So after having the Springbank 15 year, yet before going out for the first of my trips, and while replaying Borderlands with my wife and cleaning the house, I decided it was time for another Campbeltown to raise my spirits (pun!) Thanks again to /u/HawkI84[1] for the swap of this one. I think it’s the Second Edition, however I have been wrong before, given… well… Continue reading Springbank 18