GlenDronach Quadruple Review [15 Revival, 15 Tawny Port Cask Finish, 18 Allardice, 21 Parliament]

So awhile ago, I picked up three samples of GlenDronach whisky.

And then I swapped a lot, cut back to two samples a week, did some other things, went on vacation, etc and promptly forgot about them, other than cracking the 12 for the community review (see link below.

So now that I’ve cut back on swapping, and it’s a new year, it’s time to finally get to the remaining GlenDronachs in this quad review.

Special thanks to /u/ziggy1283[1] for the 21 Parliament sample and to /u/Jolarbear[2] for the sample of the 15 Tawny Port.

So, GlenDronach. What’s up with them? Are they be going like others while other places be going a different way? No, and that sentence was as hard to write as it is to read.

Located in Aberdeenshire, and owned by the BenRiach distillery company. Which the giant fucking D should have given away…

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