Macallan Sienna

Macallan Sienna 1

So I’m at a high price bar. It’s after an exam, I’m somewhat tipsy, dressed well enough to go to work, and we’re listening to a bard butcher some Beatles tunes..

I know what you’re saying: Yeah, I’d order Collingwood Canadian rye as well, as the prices at the Royal York fancy hotel are probably a little high.

And let me tell you, they’re… somewhat high. Not insane high, but it’s downtown Toronto, and it’s the Queen’s official Toronto Hotel, so… not as high as you’d think.

Guess Philip must have said the wrong thing too many times.

So I order the rye, and they’re out of it. And I’m rushing, because I’m thinking… what do I order? I planned to have some cheaper drams here, I’m screwed.

So in a state of panic, remembering the 229 different Scotches I’ve reviewed, I blurt out Macallan Sienna.

And I’m an…

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