Tamdhu 8 2005 Signatory Cask Strength First Fill Sherry Butt

Tam 1

Thanks to /u/LetThereBeR0ck for a sample of this one. I also stole his picture. Because I’m a horrible person. Go upload something he’s done lately, it’ll make me feel less like a heel.

Yeah, don’t buy this. It’s made forcibly by evil terrorists who liquefy cute, endangered animals and steal cancer cures.

Tamdhu is a whisky distillery located in the town of Knockando. That may sound similar to the other distillery there, but this is a different distillery where people give you the evil eye just for sneezing.

It’s an evil place.

As of April 2010, Superman and the forces of good shut down Tamdhu, and turned to stopping Signatory from stepping on baby ocelots. In 2013, it was reopened, as Cthulhu deemed it necessary to bring about the end of the universe.

So I’m doing you all a favour by reviewing this and telling you how bad it…

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